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Learner driver insurance

Learner driver insurance gives you comprehensive coverage to drive someone else’s car. While taking classes at a professional driving school will include coverage, if you drive outside of the class you will need additional coverage. This is where learner driver insurance comes in to help gives some relief to new drivers. In this article, you will find more information about learner driver insurance.

Learner driver insurance

What is learner driver insurance?

Learner driver insurance gives you comprehensive coverage to drive someone else’s car while learning how to drive. Professional driving school will include coverage but if you want to practice outside of the school, you will need to get learner driver insurance.

There are two available options: a full 12 month policy, starting on your provisional licence and updating when you pass your test, or a short term temporary policy.

What is a short term learner driver insurance?

A short term temporary learner driver insurance is designed to cover you while you’re learning how to drive. Short term learner driver insurance often comes in 7, 30, 60, and 90 day coverage options.

Can I get a learner insurance for a day?

Yes, it depends upon the insurance provider. For example, Aviva allows for 1 day insurance up to 3 month insurance, but only have coverage during the day time hours of 6am to 10pm.

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How does provisional Licence insurance work?

For provisional licence drivers, the cost of insurance may be expensive due to learning how to drive and being categorized as high risk drivers.

One way to lower the insurance costs is to have an older and more experienced motorist be the “name” driver on the policy. For example, this could be a parent, relative or the person who is teaching the provisional licence-holder when they are practicising in the car. They must be over the age of 21 and have at least 3 years’ driving experience in order to be legally able to teach you to drive.

Remember, it is illegal to put down someone else as the main driver if you are the main driver of the vehicle.

Do learner drivers need insurance UK?

The professional driving school will provide the learner driver insurance while the student is driving with the school. However, the Driving Standard Agency recommends that learners should also practice for about 20 hours, alongside the 47 hours professional tuition in order to pass the driving test. If the learner is driving outside of the professional driving school, as per recommended, the learner should have learner driver insurance for coverage.

Can a learner driver be insured on their own car?

Yes, but usually not on the learner driver insurance. Learner driver insurance is designed for giving the learner comprehensive coverage while driving someone else’s car, and where the more experienced driver has their name on the policy.

For driving your own car, most insurance policies will direct you to a more expensive new driver insurance policy.

Do you have to have insurance to learn to drive?

If you are practicing how to drive on your own, or are driving outside of the professional driving school hours, you will need to purchase insurance.

Most professional driving schools have their own coverage included in the program. However, the Driving Standard Agency does recommend 20 hours of practice outside of the school, and this would require insurance.

Can you insure a car without a driver’s licence?

It is not exactly easy to insure a car without a driver’s licence, but it’s also not impossible.

First, you will have to call around to various insurance companies to inquire about this exception to the rule.

Second, you – the unlicenced driver – will have to be excluded from the policy, and you will need to have a primary driver nominated instead to be on the coverage. The primary driver should be someone who is very close and lives with you. As the car owner, you can be listed on the policy but excluded as a driver.

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Can you take passengers as a learner driver?

Yes, learner drivers can take as many passengers as the car can legally hold.

Where can I find the learner driver insurance rules?

For comprehensive information on all the learner driver and learner driver insurance rules, check these pages:

Cheap learner driver insurance: Compare quotes and the market

The easiest way to get cheap learner driver insurance is to use one of the many online comparing services. We have listed some of the major players below:

How much does it cost to insure a learner driver?

There are many circumstances that factor into the cost to insure a learner driver, ranging from the high risk of a new driver, the experienced drivers history and insurance history, the model of car, and even the insurance company itself.

Selected learner driver insurance companies

Here is a list of some selected learner driver insurance providers:

Learner driver insurance at Admiral

Admiral is a car insurance specialist that offers learner driver insurance with a variety of short term options.

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Learner driver insurance at Marmalade

Marmalade has competitive car insurance policies specifically for learner and young drivers.

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Learner driver insurance at Aviva

Aviva, one of Britain’s largest insurance providers, offers car, home, travel, and life insurance – along with savings, investments and pensions.

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