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Car breakdown cover

What happens if your car breakdowns and you need roadside assistance? Where can you get the cheapest car breakdown cover? These are probably questions that you have asked yourself. In this article, you will find answers to these two questions and many more questions about car breakdown cover.

What is car breakdown cover

Car breakdown cover will provide services that assist motorists, or bicyclists, whose vehicles have suffered a mechanical failure that leaves the operator stranded. For most policies, you have to decide whether you want to cover just the person, or the vehicle itself.

What is personal breakdown cover?

There are multiple options available for personal breakdown cover. This site, Money.co.uk, includes a list of breakdown cover that specifies whether it is for personal, vehicle or both for coverage.

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What is motorbike breakdown cover?

Motorbike breakdown cover is important to have for when you motorbike breaks down and leaves you stranded! When looking at motorcycle breakdown policies, you have to first consider if you want a personal policy or a vehicle policy.

A personal policy is where a single rider is covered on any bike should it break down, while logically, a vehicle policy is where the individual motorcycle is covered for breaking down regardless of who is riding it.

After making the first decision of personal vs vehicle, you have to pick what level of coverage that you want for your breakdown cover. It ranges from the following:

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What is family breakdown cover?

Family breakdown cover is useful if you have multiple members of the family who are driving vehicles. It may be a cheaper policy to purchase if you can get everyone in your household under a single policy.

There are multiple different providers that offer family breakdown cover. It’s important to consider what level of cover is needed when picking a policy. As mentioned above, the levels of cover include the following: Roadside Assistance, Home Start, Vehicle recovery and Onward Travel.

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Cheap Car breakdown cover: Compare quotes and the market in the UK

The easiest way to get cheap car breakdown cover is to use one of the many online comparing services. We have listed some of the major players below:

Breakdown cover at Compare the Market

Compare the Market is price comparison platform for insurance and utilities. For breakdown cover, there is a FAQ overview, simple guide to levels of cover, and the ability to get a quote for what you need in your policy.

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Breakdown cover at Go Compare

Go Compare is price comparison platform for insurance, travel and other products. Go Compare lets you view multiple breakdown cover options for cars, motorbikes, and vans, and compare the different policies alongside one another.

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Breakdown cover reviews

BoughtByMany provides a list of car breakdown cover reviews for every type of individual, family and/or situation. Also, it differentiates between the basic coverage and a more comprehensive car breakdown coverage. For the basic coverage, the roadside assistance will often send a mechanic to fix your vehicle. For comprehensive and more custom coverage, the roadside assistance may offer policies to take you to your final destination, or even an emergency driver to get you there in a timely manner.

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Selected car breakdown cover companies

Here is a list of some selected car breakdown cover providers:

Car breakdown cover at AA

Car breakdown cover for AA provides a couple options to fit your individual or family needs with your means of transportation. AA has both a customisable breakdown membership, and a standard basic membership that offer roadside assistance 24/7 when more than 1/4 mile from home, and transportation to the nearest garage if further repair is necessary. AA also provides European breakdown cover and motorbike breakdown cover.

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European car breakdown cover at AA

As mentioned above, AA provides European breakdown cover and motorbike breakdown cover options. AA offers two options when in Europe: a single trip cover for a one-off trip to Europe, or an annual cover, that covers you for unlimited trips to Europe.

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Car breakdown cover at Rescue my car

Rescue my car is one of the fastest growing breakdown providers.

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Car breakdown cover at Tesco

Tesco Compare offers a comparison from multiple car breakdown cover available for both UK and European breakdown cover.

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Car breakdown cover at 2gether

2gether Insurance is one of the UK’s largest independent specialist insurance brokers, covering a wide range of vehicles. They have 10 years of experience that has benefited them to understand the needs of their clients, and how to best find a policy that suits their needs.

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Travel Insurance at Go Compare

Although not breakdown insurance, travel insurance policies are often comparable if you’ll be driving your vehicle in Europe or another country. If you’ll be driving in Europe, it’s recommended to look at the European breakdown policy option first.

Travel insurance has multiple levels of coverage because there are so many variables when traveling away from home. This can include: medical emergencies, personal liability damage to you, lost or stolen possessions, travel delays or cancellations, and other unexpected interruptions.

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